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Dedicated to the memory of John Osborne FSG, 1941 to 2018, who was the inspiration behind the New Zealand Arms Register Team and this website.

Welcome to the New Zealand Arms Register

The aim is to compile and post a register and information pages and associated articles on  Arms of Military and Police in NZ and Arms used by NZ Forces Overseas.

The register and arms information pages and associated articles will be subject to ongoing review and will be posted on this website with copyright to the NZAR. With permission this material can be  reproduced but subject to acknowledgement of the author and NZAR.  

Any person or organization interested in Arms of the Military and  Police in NZ and Arms used by NZ Forces Overseas willing to freely give their verifiable information and prepared to critique other draft material  is welcome to become a member of the New Zealand Arms Register Team. Please use online form to join NZART 

All draft information pages are emailed (for security) to the NZ Arms Register Team worldwide requesting them to critique, then reviewed as appropriate before posting on this website.

The New Zealand Arms Register website www.armsregister.com was sponsored by and subject to the rules of the  New Zealand Society of Gunsmiths Incorporated, however the NZSGS is no longer active. This website is now supported by the New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association Inc.


This website is a work in progress and will be continually updated as more research and information pages are completed.

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